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RE: Is Jack Horner right about T-rex?

   There's a good bit of material in the archives discussing the predator
vs. scavenger models of Tyrannosaurus rex, so I won't even attempt to rehash
it here.  There are numerous posts from
our resident theropod experts, including Dr. Holtz on this subject; that it
would be more productive to look up this thread in the archives. :-)
Unfortunately, the last we heard, the search engine is still not functional.
BUT (for what it's worth) I believe the evidence supports Tyrannosaurus rex
being an active hunter.


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        Hey, I'm only 17!

        If you want me to support my statement, I will. First off, what
        says doesn't add up, the large frontal lobe for smell, most preds.
        that like lions.  Another thing that doesn't add up in Horner's
        hypothesis is that the size of T-rex, the dinosaur was 45 ft long,
18 ft
        tall and 5 to 7 tons.  The muscle mass in the jaws doesn't add up
        at one feeding T-rex could produce 3,011 lbs of force per bite.  The
        attack bite should be more powerful that the feeding bit.