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Re: Is Jack Horner right about T-rex?

MegaRaptor (Mike), Dwight, Larry, et al:

    As Dwight said, there has been quite a bit of discussion on this list
about the scavenger vs predator issue for _T. rex_.  I won't reiterate it
here, except to say that I heard Tom Holtz's talk about the subject and I
agree with him that _T. rex_ was most likely an active predator, and an
occasional scavenger.

    Mike - If you want, I can send you several of the posts on the subject
(I keep a private archive of the list - about 18 months worth).  By my most
recent count, that's approvimately 85+ postings since last February (1998).
Let me know.

    Allan Edels

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Subject: RE: Is Jack Horner right about T-rex?

>   There's a good bit of material in the archives discussing the predator
>vs. scavenger models of Tyrannosaurus rex, so I won't even attempt to
>it here.  There are numerous posts from
>our resident theropod experts, including Dr. Holtz on this subject; that it
>would be more productive to look up this thread in the archives. :-)
>Unfortunately, the last we heard, the search engine is still not
>BUT (for what it's worth) I believe the evidence supports Tyrannosaurus rex
>being an active hunter.
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> Hey, I'm only 17!
> If you want me to support my statement, I will. First off, what
> says doesn't add up, the large frontal lobe for smell, most preds.
> that like lions.  Another thing that doesn't add up in Horner's
> hypothesis is that the size of T-rex, the dinosaur was 45 ft long,
>18 ft
> tall and 5 to 7 tons.  The muscle mass in the jaws doesn't add up
> at one feeding T-rex could produce 3,011 lbs of force per bite.  The
> attack bite should be more powerful that the feeding bit.
> --MegaRaptor