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Re: Is Jack Horner right about T-rex?

In a message dated 4/6/99 11:36:21 PM EST, majestic_cheese@yahoo.com writes:

<< > T-rex was one of the top
 > preds.(preds. is a
 > abbreviation for predators) in the mid to late
 > Cretaceous.  
 I think T-rex was a pred. in the mid Cretaceous but
 then he got tired and listless and became a scav. in
 the late Cretaceous.  Scav. is a abbreviation for
 scavenger. >>

Where does this "mid-Cretaceous" date for Tyrannosaurus rex come from? This 
dinosaur is known exclusively from the late Maastrichtian Lance and Hell 
Creek formations of the western United States and equivalent formations 
(e.g., Scollard) of western Canada.