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Re: Gastroliths

Hey Everyone,

Since this is an area of interest to me and I suspect a good many other
subscribers I have a question to add to this mix.

We see out-of-context stones in the Hell Creek, and I have suspected and
suggested that these were gastroliths. They are smooth and rounded,
quatzite-ish, maybe granite. These don't look like stream polished stones
in that they are TOO smooth. These stones are sometimes within a few feet
of each other. It isn't like I see piles of them, but I have seen a few.

Have gastroliths been associated with Late Cretaceous dinosaurian species?
Did Ankylosaurs, considering their weak-ish teeth, crop vegitation with
their beak, and use gastroliths to do the rest? Am I barking up an empty

Roger A. Stephenson
Assistant Director
The Grand River Museum
Lemmon, South Dakota
"Put the bunny, back in the box!"