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Re: Tyrannosauridae

> One further question....
> The resource I am using has the Tyrannosauridae listed under Subdivision
> ARCTOMETATARSALIA (Holtz, 1994), which in turn is listed under Division
> MANIRAPTORA (Gauthier, 1986).

I didn't know these taxa (which are cladistic, or phylogenetic, taxa) had
ever been used in the Linnaean system.

> Is this correct?  I had thought that the tyrannosaur family would be
> directly under the infraorder Tetanurae,

Tetanurae is also a phylogenetic taxon. Who made it an infraorder?

> along with the Megalosauridae and Allosauridae.

Divisions are basically something traditional taxonomy used when it ran
out of space (something which is not a problem for phylogenetic taxonomy).
> Gads, this can be confusing!!

Do yourself a huge favor -- DON'T USE TRADITIONAL TAXONOMY!

And check out http://dinosaur.umbc.edu/taxa/tetanura.htm

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