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Re: Tyrannosauridae

"T. Mike Keesey" wrote:

> I didn't know these taxa (which are cladistic, or phylogenetic, taxa) had
> ever been used in the Linnaean system.
> Tetanurae is also a phylogenetic taxon. Who made it an infraorder?

I've been using the source at
http://palaeo.gly.bris.ac.uk/dinobase/dinopage.html which I am beginning to
see, judging from everyone's reaction, may be somewhat incorrect in a few

> Do yourself a huge favor -- DON'T USE TRADITIONAL TAXONOMY!

I'm beginning to see that!!  Would you suggest cladograms over any Linnaean
system?  I had hoped to create something similar to the classification used on
modern animals, but I see now that this may be just too difficult, because of
the incomplete nature of paleontology, in regards to knowing exactly where an
animal should be placed.

Thanks for the links!  I had actually been to these sites before, when I was
first getting the idea to start this project.

Anyway, thanks again, and I'll keep working on this sucker, hoping to get it

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