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Classification Systems

Okay, on working on this Dinosaur genera list, I have been working with
a Linnaean system, hoping to be somewhat consistent with modern animal
classifications.  But it is becoming obvious that a full and accurate
Linnaean list may not be possible, at least not with out becoming
hopelessly confusing.  Therefore I have two options which I am

1)Using a Linnaean system, but for simplicities sake, using only
Superorder, Order, Suborder, Infraorder, Family, Genus, Species.  The
draw back is that it may not be completely comprehensive or accurate.

2)  Using a cladogram.  The drawback here is that I have run across
several disparate versions of cladograms in my wanderings over the 'Net
and the local library.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  Thoughts on why option 1 would be
good or bad?  How I might resolve the problem with option 2?  Anything?

Thanks much, and I appreciate your patience with this!!

John M. Dollan
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