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Re: Classification Systems

In a message dated 4/7/99 2:21:05 PM EST, dollan@cyberport.net writes:

<< Does anyone have any suggestions?  Thoughts on why option 1 would be
 good or bad?  How I might resolve the problem with option 2?  Anything? >>

My advice is to construct your own cladogram of the dinosaurs according to 
any method you find congenial and see how closely it matches others already 
published. Isolate the regions where your cladogram disagrees with them and 
try to determine why. Present reasons why your cladogram is the more accurate 
or more correct one, if you think this is indeed the case, or modify your 
method if you realize that you've made mistakes. Iterate this process until 
you're as happy as possible with your cladogram. Publish your results; we're 
always interested in fresh viewpoints and insights: keep taxonomy from