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Dinosaur CD-ROMs

I teach a second year undergraduate paper on animal structure and 
function. As part of this block I do five lectures on dinosaurs and one 
lecture on pterosaurs. Most of these lectures are on functional anatomy 
and biomechanics. I run a lab where we use the BMNH models to estimate 
dinosaur weight using the water displacement method described in R. 
McNeill Alexander's book. The weight estimates are then evaluated in 
terms of (a) the quality of the reconstructions, and (b) anatomical 
features of the dinosaurs that may affect mean body mass. The students 
evaluate the quality of the models with reference to books and a couple 
of CD-ROMs that are available in the lab. I have Greg Paul's review of 
the book, and I know that many of the BMNH models are dodgy - that's 
part of the exercise!

The two CDs I have at present are MS Dinosaurs and the Smithsonian 
Institution Dinosaur Museum. Both of these are getting a bit long in 
the tooth, and I'd like to update them. I'd like CDs that operate in 
both Mac and PC format. The requirements are that the CDs cover a wide 
range of species, and contain recent reconstructions based on the best 
available evidence (i.e. not just speculation!). Pictures of skeletal 
material is very useful also (the Smithsonian CD is very good in this 
regard). Any suggestions? I just spent some time doing a web search, 
and came up with nothing useful, so it would be helpful if I could be 
given sources for these CDs.


Kendall Clements

Kendall Clements