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RE: Dinosaur CD-ROMs

AH!  This brings up a somewhat old, but fascinating thread & reminded ME of
I have been meaning to query the list about. :-)  Like probably a few of
you, I collect
"museum quality" model dinosaurs.  I own a couple of very nice bronze
sculptures, but most
of my collection are 1/40th scale Bataat & Carnegie pieces.  A friend of
mine told me that the
Carnegie collection is going to come out with updated versions of several of
their "standards",
including Tyrannosaurus rex and Apatosaurus.  Has anyone seen these?  If so;
what is your opinion of these models?

Thanks in advance;

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        I teach a second year undergraduate paper on animal structure and 
        function. As part of this block I do five lectures on dinosaurs and
        lecture on pterosaurs. Most of these lectures are on functional
        and biomechanics. I run a lab where we use the BMNH models to
        dinosaur weight using the water displacement method described in R. 
        McNeill Alexander's book. The weight estimates are then evaluated in

        terms of (a) the quality of the reconstructions, and (b) anatomical 
        features of the dinosaurs that may affect mean body mass. The
        evaluate the quality of the models with reference to books and a
        of CD-ROMs that are available in the lab. I have Greg Paul's review
        the book, and I know that many of the BMNH models are dodgy - that's

        part of the exercise!


        Kendall Clements

        Kendall Clements