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    My name is Craig Ferguson, and I am writing a book about Raptors. I
would like to have al information that everyone has so that I can make
my book complete. 
    I also have an important new theory that will be in my book. My
theory (developed by me) is that T-Rex is really a kind of Raptor.
T-Rex was such a big predator and it was so powerful, it must have been
a Raptor!!! This will be an important new discovery, and the best part
of my book! 
    Also, I would like the adresses for Jack R. Horner, Don Lessum, and
Bob T. Bakker (the most important paleontologists). I need to discuss
my theroy with them.  
Thanks you for your help,

Craig Ferguson
Vertabrate Paleontologist ad dino expert

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