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Re: More.............


    I think that you obviously have ambitious goals, however, you need to
learn a bit before you can make blanket pronouncements as you have.

    First off - Do some homework on your own.  If you need a list of current
books that you can buy (or borrow from a library), several people on the
list can help with various suggestions.  Don't just ask for every bit of
information that someone has.  For example, if you and some of your friends
collected baseball cards, and followed baseball closely, then someone new
tried to join your group, and asked for everyone to tell them EVERYTHING
about baseball card collecting and about baseball - you might tell them to
learn a bit on their own before they tried to join your group.  Not that
questions aren't welcome, or even necessary.  It's just that asking people
for everything that they know about something is annoying, and actually
counter-productive.  If you have specific questions - for example, why did
the classification of _T. rex_ change from being within _Carnosauria_ to
_Coelurosauria_? - then your question can be answered in some sort of finite

    Secondly, you are not so far off the mark with the idea that _T. rex_ is
a raptor.  In the most recent paper (by Kevin Padian, John Hutchinson, and
Thomas Holtz), _T. rex_ is within the _Maniraptorformes_ node, which also
holds such dinosaurs as _Deinonychus_ and _Velociraptor_.  However, it is
not that simple.

    I suggest that you lurk for awhile on the list, asking specific
questions and learning, before you finalize your book plans.

    One diffculty that you may have is changing the name of a dinosaur is
that a name that is well established, like _T. rex_, cannot be changed
without a VERY good reason, and usually for an OLDER name - rather than a
NEWER name.  Another problem that you may have is that "Ultrasaurus" is not
considered a valid genera/species anymore (It has been absorbed by
_Supersaurus_).  A final problem with your current ideas is that
"Ultrasaurus" (or _Supersaurus_) did not exist at the same time as _T. rex_.
Your suggestion that _T. rex_ evolved to prey upon "Ultrasaurus" makes as
much sense as suggesting that Courtney Cox dated Alexander the Great.

    Sorry if this seems a bit rough, it is not meant to be.  Please continue
to read and learn, and please ask specific questions when you can.

    Allan Edels

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Subject: More.............

>Hello again,
>    I am also thinking about writing a book about Ulatrasaurus. So I
>will need all of the information on Ultrasaurus that the list members
>have. I have some theories about Ultrasaurus I could share with anyone
>who is interested.
>    Also, since I think T-Rex is a Raptor, in my book I will rename
>T-Rex with a new, more proper name: Ultraraptor! This name recognizes
>both the relationship between Raptors and T-Rex, and shows that T-Rex
>evolved it's great size to hunt Ultrasaurus's.
>Craig Ferguson
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