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Classification Addendum

I've decided, finally, to give up on attempting to classify Dinosaurs,
having thought it best to leave that to the experts in the field.
Besides, I was losing sight of my main goal in the endeavor, which was
simply to provide a list of all confirmed Dinosaur Genera and Species.

So, with that in mind, a science professor here provided me a list of
all confirmed Dinosaur Genera as of the beginning of this year.  So,
what I need help with now is two things:  1)  Is there a site out there
that regularly keeps tabs on new Genera and species?  And 2)  Is there a
site out there that lists all confirmed species for the many, many
different Dinosaur Genera?

I suppose I am getting rather ambitious again (considering that I would
like a link to a complete information set on each species in time), but
then I never said anything about wanting to finish my web building over

Thanks, all, and have a great Friday!

John M. Dollan
Graduate Assistant-Residence Life
Montana State University-Northern
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"Exploration is an obsession.  The more I discover, the more I want to
know.  Unfortunately I will not be able to discover everything I want."
 --Meave Leakey

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