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Dino List:

        I have recieved a lot of responses to my announcements, all of which
gently broke it to me that my opinions were in the minority.
        Some have pointed out that Ultrasaurus and T-Rex lived in different
time periods. But how are we to know that Ultrasaurus didn't live with
T-Rex? Maybe we haven't found the Ultrasaurus bones because T-Rex
crunched and ate all of the bones. We know T-Rex ate bone because of
the fossil dropping from Sascatchewan that I read about in my research.
        Everyone has asked why I think T-Rex is a Raptor. It is very simple.
Raptors were feroicious killers, everyone agrees about that. Why?
Because the DNA of the Raptors had a gene that caused them to be
killing machines. T-Rex was huge and powerful, and had huge, sharp
teeth. T-Rex tooth marks have been found on other dinosaurs, so we know
it was a predator. It too had the "killer gene". It was passed on to it
from it's Raptor ancestors. Has anyone read Raptor Red?  Its by Bob T.
Bakker, probably the greatest paleontologist ever. Utahrapor, a very
big Raptor, behaved so much like a T-Rex. Utahraptor is a good
intermediate between Velociraptor and T-Rex, it has a middle size, and
claws midway between the two. 
        Since I think T-Rex is a Raptor, it MUST have a new name. "Tyrant
lizard" is not a good description of T-Rex, "Ultraraptor" would better
describe it's evolution and lifestyle.
        Obviously, there is some difference in opinion concerning the T-Rex
and Raptor connection. Someone said some people named "Tom Holtz",
"Kevin Padian", and "John Hutchinson" wrote something similar to my
theory. And as Bob T. Bakker has shown, the old way of classifying
dinosaurs is Wrong!!! Raptors weren't known when T-Rex was named, so it
makes sense we should change it's name now that we have Raptors. 

Craig Ferguson
Dino Paleontologist and author of soon to be published book "Raptors

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