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Re: Dinosaur CD-ROMs

At 12:01 PM 4/8/99 +1200, Kendall Clements wrote:

>The two CDs I have at present are MS Dinosaurs and the Smithsonian 
>Institution Dinosaur Museum. Both of these are getting a bit long in 
>the tooth, and I'd like to update them. I'd like CDs that operate in 
>both Mac and PC format. The requirements are that the CDs cover a wide 
>range of species, and contain recent reconstructions based on the best 
>available evidence (i.e. not just speculation!). Pictures of skeletal 
>material is very useful also (the Smithsonian CD is very good in this 
>regard). Any suggestions?

The Age of Dinosaurs CD-Rom v. 3.0 by T. Rowe, K. Kishi, J.W. Merck, Jr.,
and M. Colbert (W.H. Freeman Press, 1998) is excellent for all sorts of
stuff.  However, I don't know if it is available separately from the
academic package of "The Mistaken Extinction".  Also, it doesn't have much
in the way of life restorations: being designed for a science course which
emphasizes how we know what we know, it concentrates more on the hard data
and the methods of evolutionary biology.

What you would really want might be Tryo Edicio'n Digital's Historia Natural
de los Dinosaurios.  However, it is a) only available for Windows and b) in

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