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Enantiornithine stuff...

Thanks to all who have responded both off and on list.  I think I now
have a feel for how messed up the taxonomy is for this group, but I love
taxonomy, so I should have fun with this, and it will be an interesting
paper and presentation.  I should have the 1981 paper by Cyril Walker in
today or tomorrow, so that may help me a bit more.  (interlibrary loan
seems to be a bit slow here!)

Mr. Naish, I had not heard about this diving enantiornithine theory.  Do
you have that Martin reference so I can look into it??  Feduccia's book
says many of the enanti's had very well-developed forelimbs upon
hatching, and could probably fly at hatching or very soon thereafter.  I
find that idea fascinating!!  Can any modern birds do that?  I
understand though that many of the enanti's were named based strictly on
tarsometatarsi, so inferences to lifestyle should still be way up in the

Hmm, this is getting very interesting, I'll have to leave my Pleistocene
stuff alone for a while and look into this further! 

Again, thanks to all who helped me out, I appreciate it.

Lauri L. Bartlema
Curatorial Assistant
Conservation Division
Directorate of Environment
Fort Bliss, Texas