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Re: Classification Addendum

On Thu, 8 Apr 1999, John M. Dollan wrote:

> So, with that in mind, a science professor here provided me a list of
> all confirmed Dinosaur Genera as of the beginning of this year.  So,
> what I need help with now is two things:  1)  Is there a site out there
> that regularly keeps tabs on new Genera and species?

The Dinosauricon: http://dinosaur.umbc.edu
If you (or anyone else) would like, I can send a copy of the single data
file I have that holds all the genus & species information, so you don't
have to spend hours going through the site's pages.

> And 2)  Is there a
> site out there that lists all confirmed species for the many, many
> different Dinosaur Genera?

> I suppose I am getting rather ambitious again (considering that I would
> like a link to a complete information set on each species in time), but
> then I never said anything about wanting to finish my web building over
> night!

Took me nearly four years to get where I am today.

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