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Um...Pointless stuff

Hello Listees!
It's spring break here..WEEEE!
I finally got to go down to the old limestone quarry and get some new 
rocks...found stromatoporids galore!...The entire "cliff" (er..ledge, 
actually) appears to be made from these things! I didn't find any 
trilobites yet, but maybe I will later (I /really/ hope to find a 
trilobite this summer!). The sad thing was, many of the rocks were 
covered with broken shards of glass from beer bottles and trash...
It's depressing to see such a nice place covered with such litter.
My ideas of going on another trip "out west" have been utterly smashed 
by my mom...we might be moving so there won't be enough money for a 
big trip like that, and she won't let me go on a trip alone after what 
happened to those 3 girls in Yosemite(sp)...Oh yeah I forgot (almost) 
to tell you people--my AP Bio teacher let me lecture about a week ago 
on "raptors"...
The scarey thing was....I liked it...It's not often I get to talk 
about dinosaurs in class and get people to *LISTEN* to me..:) You'd be 
surprised how many people didn't realise there were that many 
differences between an iguana and velociraptor. :)
Allrrrrighty, enough of my goofing off durring spring break...
and back to dinosaurs...
(more questions?...RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!)
What does _Alioramus remotus_ look like? I mean the skeleton,that 
is...or is all we have the skull?
Q#2) What does the skeleton of Eustreptoreptospondylus look like 
(Sorry about the spelling, I'm going from memmory for that name).
Q#3) Is there any differences between the sexes (sexual dimorphism, 
isn't that the word?) that's been observed in Alioramus or other 
meat-eating dinosaurs of simmilar size?
Q#4) If I dropped my copy of _The Dinosauria_ (sofcover) on my foot, 
could it theoreticly break my toe? 
Q#5)Anyone know a quick way of drawing scales on a dinosaur without 
drawing tiny tiny circles over and over and over again until your hand 
cramps up and you can't do your homework because you spent the hour 
drawing dinosaurs because you thought it'd be more fun? :)
Q#6) Can anyone reccomend any drawing books to help me get better at 
drawing dinosaurs? 

Thanks in advance,

Jessica Wagar 
Amateur Paleontologist/Paleoartist 
"My room  is full of dinosaurs, as far as I can see, 
There's spinosaurs, and tarbosaurs,as pretty as can be. 
There's duck-bills, croc-jaws, and other fearsome freaks, 
Some are covered in scales, feathers or have beaks. 
My room is full of dinosaurs, just as stuffed as can be-- 
there's only one problem...there's no room left for me!" 
Poem by ME!(j. wagar) 

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