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Dromie hands...

I was browsing through the Dinosauricon, looking at some of the
dromaeosaurs, and I noticed that, on some of the sketches, there was a
note saying that the orientation of the hands was probably incorrect.

How is it that they were incorrect? Was the original idea that dromie
hands were able to fold back against the forearm, like a bird's folding
wing, incorrect? That it's supposed to be straight, much like a human

I'm just asking, as I'm now beginning to get into professional-style
animation, I was planning on making some dinosaur-related animation, one
of which would be a simple running dromaeosaur, and I'd like to try to
be relatively up to date. I'm not asking for all known dromie info, just
this, as I know of enough sufficient sources otherwise.

If this has been discussed before, and it's in the dinosaur list
archives, please let me know, and tell me the URL, as I don't have it at
the current time.

Alex Krumwiede, Age 15
Oak Park, Michigan