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Cold-blooded vs. warm-blooded

Hi all,

I've been lurking on the list for a few days, and am enjoying the 

I hope nobody minds if I  ask a question.  I'm a writer - and have a contract 
to write a book about dinosaurs for gifted and talented youngsters.  I have 
Ph.D degrees in biology and geology, but am no dinosaur expert. 

As I understand the current thoughts about whether dinosaurs  were warm- or 
cold-blooded, they go like like this:  
1)  small meat-eating dinosaurs were warm-blooded - with high metabolic rates 
 to sustain their body temperature. 

 2) big dinosaurs were  probably cold-blooded  because their  huge bulk 
helped them stay warm and allowed them to stay  active - even in cool 

3) Medium sized dinosaurs ????   some cold-blooded and some warm-blooded ???
I haven't really read anything specifically addressing this topic. 

Is this about right?  Or are there more up-to-date theories?  

Thanks for any comments, 

Barbara  S.