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I don't belive this, I go to that &^*(I**& web site, do everything it
tells me to do and I get this back
No requests were found or recognized in your message. It is possible
your message was intended for a person or a list, or none of its
were recognized by this automated system as requests.
If you need to talk to a person, please send mail to listmgr@usc.edu.
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in the body of the message to listproc@usc.edu.
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From: tlford@ix.netcom.com
Received: (from smap@localhost)
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Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
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Well, that it. I've done every thing I can from this end. I've gone to
the website and done everything that it told me to do and still I'm NOT
receiveing anything. My post it getting throu but thats it.


PS. I'll try and resubcribe in a day or so, maybe THEN I'll get

What the %$*&0- am I suppose to do to get anything?