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Re: Dromie hands...

On Thu, 8 Apr 1999, A.K. Giganotosaurus wrote:

> I was browsing through the Dinosauricon, looking at some of the
> dromaeosaurs, and I noticed that, on some of the sketches, there was a
> note saying that the orientation of the hands was probably incorrect.
> How is it that they were incorrect? Was the original idea that dromie
> hands were able to fold back against the forearm, like a bird's folding
> wing, incorrect? That it's supposed to be straight, much like a human
> wrist?

No, the opposite. According to recent studies by Sereno, dromaeosaurids
(and other theropods) could probably only move their wrists on one axis,
the same as birds. I labelled all pictures showing the so-called "bunny
rabbit" position (including one of mine -- really should fix that one day)
as incorrect.
Sereno's talk at DinoFest was called "Could Theropod Dinosaurs Dribble a
Basketball?", and his conclusion was "No", since they couldn't pronate or
supinate their hands.

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