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The last dinosaur book- great pix!

>I also read and reviewed The Last Dinosaur Book. It never quite reached the
>"hurl the book across the room in disgust" stage, but it came close at
>Mitchell has some interesting ideas, and once in a while gets playful
>enough to be interesting.

Dear Jeff and Matt, 
For full disclosure, Mitchell's press, and his editor, publish my work. 
However, I've never met him and we represent opposite philosophic camps. 
No disagreement with you on much of the text. That said, I think by focus 
on text you're missing the book's importance: the ILLUSTRATIONS ARE 
GREAT, one of the richest and wittiest collections of historic 
dinosaur-related cultural images, beautifully printed (how did you like 
that cover!) All slick pages, a gorgeous book. Only the U of Chicago 
Press has the money and resources to research such a thing. Our 
illustrators will find their whole history there. Indeed, our Dinosaur 
Culture finds its history there-- in the pix, not the "playful" text. 

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