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Re: Stego Q's

On Fri, 09 Apr 1999 07:20:07 PDT "GOBI 2010" <gobi2010@hotmail.com>
>I think I heard someplace that Stegosaurus had some neck armor(sp)...
>Well...WHAT on EARTH did it look like? I haven't seen any neck armor 
>that I've noticed in stegosaur drawings....

   Yes, it did: lots and lots of little ossicles, concentrated under the
neck (these things obviously would have been vulnerable to shifting
position after death because they were small and not attached to the
bones, so exact positions can't be deduced [and probably varied some from
individual to individual]) but also spread in lesser concentrations
across the whole body.  They probably protected the throat region of the
living animal.  The "roadkill" specimen of *S. stenops* (USNM 4934) shows
them well.  In photographs of this specimen they're concentrated beside
the skull, neck, and shoulder girdle. 

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