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Re: Tyrannosaur species

At 01:37 PM 4/9/99 PDT, k.wicks wrote:
[concerning "Nanotyrannus"]

>Ok, the last I heard was that Bakker and another paleontologist, cannot
>think of the name right off hand( maybe Carpenter? not sure).

Williams & Currie.

>Ran a catscan
>on the "Nano" it showed that skull sutures were fused, hence showing it
>wasnt a juvenile T.rex.

Yeah, they did run a CAT scan.  The Bakker, Williams & Currie study (which
named _Nanotyrannus) was published over ten years ago.  Those CAT scans,
however, have never been adequately documented.  Furthermore, many animals
have some cranial fusion long before full growth is achieved.

New CAT scans of the specimen are being (have finished being?) done.

>Also isnt there some differences in the shape of
>the skull? Such as the snout and visual area?

Well, a) the skull has been subject to a bit (!) of deformation post-burial,
so we don't know its exact shape; b) all tyrannosaurs go through some pretty
dramatic skull shape changes with growth (the "meat" of Carr's forthcoming
paper); and c) in fact, where there are differences in skull shape between
"Nano" and other small tyrannosaurid specimens, those differences match
adult _T. rex_ specimens!

(In any case, the various aspects of the Bakker et al. paper are addressed
by Carr).

>OR should I just quote
>"Standard Holtz reply #1: wait for the goddam paper!!" unquote.  Is it going
>to be in the SVP or another journal?

Don't know if I'm allowed to say off hand: will have to check to get okay.

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