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Re: The last dinosaur book- great pix!

George J. Leonard wrote:
>No disagreement with you on much of the text. That said, I think by focus
>on text you're missing the book's importance: the ILLUSTRATIONS ARE
>GREAT, one of the richest and wittiest collections of historic
>dinosaur-related cultural images, beautifully printed (how did you like
>that cover!)

I agree the art was fun and the dustjacket priceless. Unfortunately, when U
of Chicago Press sends out review copies early, they include only rough
versions of the art, so when I reviewed it for New Scientist, I saw only
"for position only" illustrations, which destroyed the whole effect. I
don't understand why publishers do that for art-rich books, but U of
Chicago also did it for Riccardo Levi-Setti's beautiful TRILOBITES book. I
refused to review it until I got a "real" copy.

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