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Re: Tyrannosaur species

In a message dated 4/9/99 4:03:57 PM EST, th81@umail.umd.edu writes:

<<Well, a) the skull has been subject to a bit (!) of deformation post-burial,
 so we don't know its exact shape; b) all tyrannosaurs go through some pretty
 dramatic skull shape changes with growth (the "meat" of Carr's forthcoming
 paper); and c) in fact, where there are differences in skull shape between
 "Nano" and other small tyrannosaurid specimens, those differences match
 adult _T. rex_ specimens! >>

There's also a lot of plaster in the skull that needs to be dealt with, or so 
I've heard. Nevertheless, [1] I think the tooth count is wrong for T. rex (N. 
lancensis has too many teeth and so might be a different species of 
Tyrannosaurus), and [2] those dramatic skull growth changes better not be 
>too< dramatic, lest we mistake real phyletic differences for ontogenetic 
changes (how many growth specimens of T. rex, with skulls, do we have, 
anyway?). Should be an interesting study either way.