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Re: The last dinosaur book- great pix!

George Leonard wrote:

> For full disclosure, Mitchell's press, and his editor, publish my work.
> However, I've never met him and we represent opposite philosophic camps.
> No disagreement with you on much of the text. That said, I think by focus
> on text you're missing the book's importance: the ILLUSTRATIONS ARE
> GREAT, one of the richest and wittiest collections of historic
> dinosaur-related cultural images, beautifully printed (how did you like
> that cover!) All slick pages, a gorgeous book. Only the U of Chicago
> Press has the money and resources to research such a thing. Our
> illustrators will find their whole history there. Indeed, our Dinosaur
> Culture finds its history there-- in the pix, not the "playful" text.

Can't deny the gorgeous printing or the slick design work. And I
certainly hold nothing against the University of Chicago Press - among
the many great works they've published is an incredible study of the
origins of paleoart, Martin Rudwick's _Scenes of Deep Time_.