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RE: interest question...


   Keep in mind that this is only my take on your question.  I belong to
several science lists
& earn my beans & gravy as a sold state physicist.  :-)  Never-the-less, I
read a higher percentage of the posts on the Dinosaur List than I do on a
particular solid state physics 
list, because the quality of the posts ON the Dinosaur List is (by & large)
Believe me, this is not (sadly) always the case of scientific email lists.
I ( as someone who has been interested in dinosaurs all of my life) have
learned more on this list than in all of the numerous books I have read on
the subject of dinosaurs.  I find it an invaluable source of current
dinosaur information.  SO, if I were an aspiring, young, potential
Paleontologist, I would read nearly all of the posts on this list.  


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        I was wondering...I'm on this list because I'm interested in
paleontology and 
        would like to go into it, but when I read this mail I find myself
        most of it and only finding a few things that interest me enough to
read. Is 
        this alright or should I try reading more of it?