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Celluloid Dinosaurs (R) - This is IT!

Ever anxious to inflict our latest on the hapless members of this list,
we are somewhat pleased and apprehensive to announce that we're finally
going to Offficially Announce the opening of:

Celluloid Dinosaurs (R) - A History of Dinosaur Movies.

Those of you who have not been paying attention for the past six months
while we picked everyone's brains, can find this little ditty at:


The purpose of all this beyond the excuse for putting up all kinds of
kewl dinosaur movie stills and playing around and stuff, is to point out
the relationships amongst:

paleo graphic art

It is our point of view that there is an exchange amongst these
disciplines that helps each of them to grow (usually, but not always,
with paleontology in the lead). After all, someone needs to visualize
what those big things looked like with flesh on their bones and
ultimately how they moved and made noises. We are extending the premise
of "Paper Dinosaurs" (an extraordinary exhibit) one step further.

As usual, if the perspicacious amongst you note
a) mistakes
b) salient historic events in the world of Paleontology and Art and
Science which clearly impacted upon our perception of dinosaurs.

do let us know.

Thanks in advance!

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