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Re: Stego Q's

To get an idea of what the throat ossicles of _Stegosaurus stenops_ looked like,
I recommend you look at the book, _Prehistoric Journey, A History of Life on
Earth_, by Kirk R. Johnson and Richard Stucky, published by Roberts Rhinehart
and the Denver Museum of Natural History, ISBN 1-57098-145-4, softcover,
$19.95.  It's a coffee table book with a full color John Gurche cover
restoration of an ossicle-throated _Stegosaurus_ being pursued by _Allosaurus
fragilis_.  On pages 74-75 is a two-page color spread of the Denver Museum
mounts of these animals (with ossicles on view on the stegosaur mount, DMNH
2818).  There isn't a lot of text, but the photos of fossils from the Denver
Museum of Natural History (which includes the _Edmontosaurus_ with bitten and
healed caudal vertebrae, evidence of a _T. rex_ bite) and the dioramas and
restorations of plants and animals from many time periods are breathtaking.

Gregory S. Paul also figures the stegosaur throat ossicles in his book, _The
Complete Book of Dinosaur Skeletons_, which is thus far available only in a
Japanese edition with English subtitles.

-- Ralph W. Miller III       gbabcock@best.com