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Re: Bird vs. theropod dinosaur tracks/trackways

At 07:55 PM 11/04/1999 -0600, you wrote:
> We recently had a guest speaker at Tyrrell and he had both Middle
>Cretaceous shorebird footprints/trackways and theropod (large and small)
>tracks/trackways. How to tell them apart? It was shown that birds show a
>greater angle apart between the outside toes; walk pigeon-toed (with the
>toes turned in towards the midline) and a straight line can be drawn inside
>(in between the tracks) a straight bird trackway and not touch any of the
>footprints. For theropods? Trackways are in a nice straight line and the
>toes pointed more or less forward.

How could they tell that the division between track types really related
one-on-one to a division between birds and theropods?
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