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See, it IS "Brontosaurus"

*** New clues aid dinosaur researchers

(AP) - Titanosaurs hold much mystery for scientists. But recent
findings on three continents may help clarify our view of the placid
plant-eaters. They are the least understood of the sauropods, a kind
of dinosaur that had four elephantlike legs, a long tapering tail,
and an extended neck that held up a relatively small head. The
creature most people know as brontosaurus, for example, was a type of
sauropod. Titanosaurs survived to the last gasp of the dinosaur age -
the only sauropods to make it that far - and they left bones in
Argentina, Brazil, India, Malawi, Utah and Texas, among other places.
But nobody has reported finding a complete skeleton, and no
titanosaur skulls have been firmly identified either. See

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