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Rigby's rexs'

Ok since a couple of you wanted to know I figured I would share the info
with all of you...figuring some maybe to shy to ask.  Oh yes...rember these
are my quicknotes that I took.

Documenting...Yes there is, not grid system,  but is mapping and recording
data, placing bones and drawing them, datum point, measuring points and all
that jazz.  But he does have 1 large hole...or to quote "a crater" and some
smaller holes.  Digging in the hotspots.  He is doing it differently then
Nate Murphy (Philips County Museum)is doing it basically, and how I would do
it. Nate is helping Keith out.

Legal stuff...No grounds for it.  The family signed land over to the Farm
Services about 4 years ago.  Now they hired an attorney with a bad case,
because they have some Native American background and were discrimenated

The good stuff now... 2 T.rex's, one is about the size of Stan, and the
other "might" challenge Sue.  Vertabra, pelvic, limbs, braincases from both.
Lots of cranial material. Dentaries from one, Stan size. Nasal, premax,
jugal so forth and so on.  One is large and robust. 

Visiting... The field station is open all summer, basically ask anyone were
it is at and they will tell you. I have been told it is a really big field
station, so they can do the prep work right there.  Well I guess thats about
it from this end.

Hopefully this helps you all out, that were curious.


Paleo Mont Research

Paleo Mont Park

"If we knew what we were doing, it wouldnt be called research, would it?" A.

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