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Re: MT Dinosaurs...


    Ferdinand Vandiveer Hayden (aka "He Who Runs while Picking Up Rocks"
[his Indian name]) discovered the first 4 dinosaurs named in the United
States in 1854, in what is now Montana (the Nebraska Territory).   He sent
them to Dr. Joseph Leidy at the ANSP, who named them in 1856.  They are
_Palaeoscincus_, _Troodon_, _Trachodon_, and _Deinodon_ (a.k.a. _Dinodon_).
The specimens are very fragmentary, mostly just a few teeth.  (Note that
some of them are nomen dubium).

(Original) Reference: Joseph Leidy: "Notice of Remains of Extinct Reptiles
and Fishes, Discovered by D. F. V. Hayden in the Bad Lands of the Judith
River, Nebraska Territory."  Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences
of Philadelphia, Volume 8 [1856], pages 72-73.

      Allan Edels

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Subject: MT Dinosaurs...

>Ok, I have been looking around to find out what the "first" dinosaur that
>was found in Montana was, and well not sure.  The earliest that I have come
>across was 1876 Monoclonius described and named by Cope.  Do any off you
>know if there was an earlier one? I am going to check 2 more of my books to
>see if I can find it.  This will bother me till I find out.  Anyways...
>Thanks for your help, in advance.
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