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In a message dated 4/13/99 7:48:03 AM EST, darren.naish@port.ac.uk writes:

<< Does anyone know the meaning of 'cluniculus'.. as in _Ornithodesmus 
 cluniculus_? I'm stumped on this one. >>

This one is right in my dictionary: cluniculus: "little rump" (diminutive of 
clunis: "buttocks, rump"). 

But Toby White replied:

<<You will probably think I'm kidding.  In fact, I hope I've made a mistake. 
 However, assuming the roots are Latin, the closest I can come is "asshole". 
 That is, its a combination of two similar Latin words (clunis, culus), both 
which refer to the human posterior.  This sort of redundancy is a pretty 
way of expressing emphasis in IE languages, e.g. "super-duper," "mishmash." 
 Thus, not just "butt," but "asshole."  If correct, how did this get by the 
ICZN?  Possibly could be construed as a Greek diminutive of some kind 
to a geographical reference (Cluny?), but I'm just guessing on this.>>

"Asshole" is close, but just a bit off target, unfortunately. Since the type 
specimen is a partial pelvis (forget which part: sacrum?), "little rump" 
makes more sense.