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At 9:43 -0400 13/4/99, Augustus T. White wrote:

>You will probably think I'm kidding.  In fact, I hope I've made a mistake.
> However, assuming the roots are Latin, the closest I can come is "asshole".
> That is, its a combination of two similar Latin words (clunis, culus),
>both of
>which refer to the human posterior.  This sort of redundancy is a pretty
>way of expressing emphasis in IE languages, e.g. "super-duper," "mishmash."
> Thus, not just "butt," but "asshole."  If correct, how did this get by the
>ICZN?  Possibly could be construed as a Greek diminutive of some kind
>to a geographical reference (Cluny?), but I'm just guessing on this.

Are you implying there are no assholes in taxonomy?  ;)

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