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The Complete Dinosaur

I've been translating "The Complete Dinosaur" (Indiana University Press)
into Japanese with several other translators and I have a question
regarding one passage in Part Three.

p. 174
  These two stories illustrate two common beliefs about what dinosaurs
are, or were.  The general public regards the word dinosaur as a
suitable tag for any number of swimming, flying, or lumbering animals,
provided that they are big, prehistoric, and extinct, or big, ugly, and
  As once remarked by that eminent philosopher Sportin' Life, in an
entirely different context: It ain't necessarily so.  There were many
kinds of big, extinct animals (including reptiles) that were not
dinosaurs at all, and there are all kinds of big living reptiles that
aren't dinosaurs, either.

I can't understand "by that eminent philosopher Sportin' Life, in an
entirely different context" part.

1) Does anyone know what this means?
2) Does anyone know how to contact the author of this part (e.g. E-mail
address) in case I should contact him to find out what he meant?

I'm sorry if this shouldn't have been posted to this list, but I thought
someone who has read this book might be able to answer my question.  I
would greatly appreciate it if someone could reply me off list.

Shuko Funaki