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Re: MT Dinosaurs...

Hi Kelley and listmembers:

According to Edwin Colbert's book, _The Great
Dinosaur Hunters and Their Discoveries_ Dover
Publications New York, the "first" dinosaur
fossils reported from Montana were also the first
that were documented from North America. 

[pp. 44]  In 1855 F.V. Hayden, an early explorer
of the western territories, collected vertebrate
and invertebrate fossils from the Judith River
Formation at the confluence of the Missouri and
Judith Rivers (near what is now the type area of
the Judith River Formation in the Missouri River

Four types of dinosaur teeth from Hayden's
collection were described by Joseph Leidy in 1856
(A side note: Montana did not become a
*territory* of the U.S. until 1864!).  

Two of these types of teeth were initially
described as "lacertilian reptiles " and were
designated as: _Palaeoscincus_ and _Troodon_.  
The third and fourth types of teeth were was
designated as "_Trachodon_, a herbivorous
lacertilian reptile allied to the _Iguanodon_,
and _Deinodon_ a reptile resembling

The first reported dinosaur bones were from a
partial skeleton of _Hadrosurus_. [pp. 42]

Hope this helps

--- Paleo Mont <paleo_mont@excite.com> wrote:
> Ok, I have been looking around to find out what
> the "first" dinosaur that
> was found in Montana was, and well not sure. 
> The earliest that I have come
> across was 1876 Monoclonius described and named
> by Cope.  Do any off you
> know if there was an earlier one? I am going to
> check 2 more of my books to
> see if I can find it.  This will bother me till
> I find out.  Anyways...
> Thanks for your help, in advance.
> k.wicks
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