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Re: CNN: Dinosaur Eggs, and a Surprise, Unearthed in the Patagonian Desert

        Nearly twenty (semi-gratitutitous) uses of the word "penis" in
subject headers and the full lyrics of a (shudder) Gershwin song in a week.
Way to lighten up, dino list! :)

        On a more dinosaurian note, could anyone interpret the CNN article
this post is in response to? They talk about excavating a skeleton of
something, then from Betty's quote, the story breaks down into a roiling
confused jumble of stuff that sounds like it is about eggs, stuff that is
definitely about eggs (and is identical to the bit that sounded like it was
about the eggs but was in the skeleton paragraph), and stuff that doesn't
make a lot of sense anyway. Not that this appears to be Betty's fault. It's
probably mine. Maybe I just haven't had enough sleep... :)

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