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RE: Sauropods Size

Jack McIntosh, David Gillette, Rodolfo Coria, and Brian Curtice are all
expert on the biggest of the big. Gillette named Seismosaurus, currently
considered by most to be the longest sauropod at about 150 ft. Curtice
recently compared Supersaurus and Ultrasaurus and helped determined their
status in relation to Brachiosaurus. I just visited Rodolfo Coria in Plaza
Huincul, Argentina and saw the bones of Argentinosaurus in his museum--this
is considered the largest (weight/height) of the sauropods. And Jack, of
course, is a leading expert on all sauropods.

Good hunting.

Thom Holmes
dinosaur author at large

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Subject: Sauropods Size

        Can anyone please tell me the names of the individuals most
concerned with research in the area of the great size many of the
sauropods attained? Thanks