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Re: CNN: Dinosaur Eggs, and a Surprise,Unearthed in the Patagonian Desert

I have forwarded a copy of the original text to mr. Warner.  I don't
believe it will clear up matters immediatly.  It was pretty roiling in
the original....


"Jonathan R. Wagner" wrote:
>         Nearly twenty (semi-gratitutitous) uses of the word "penis" in
> subject headers and the full lyrics of a (shudder) Gershwin song in a week.
> Way to lighten up, dino list! :)
>         On a more dinosaurian note, could anyone interpret the CNN article
> this post is in response to? They talk about excavating a skeleton of
> something, then from Betty's quote, the story breaks down into a roiling
> confused jumble of stuff that sounds like it is about eggs, stuff that is
> definitely about eggs (and is identical to the bit that sounded like it was
> about the eggs but was in the skeleton paragraph), and stuff that doesn't
> make a lot of sense anyway. Not that this appears to be Betty's fault. It's
> probably mine. Maybe I just haven't had enough sleep... :)
>         Wagner
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