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Re: Help on specimems at Palaeontologic Museum Oslo

On Wed, 14 Apr 1999, [iso-8859-1] DinosØMP wrote:

> I've got some problems on the specimems at Paleontologisk Museum Oslo.
> They'ce got two "Tarbosaurus sp" casts. 
> Does anybody know if this is really Tarbosaurus, or Tyrannosaurus or
> what species it actually is? 

Probably _T. efremovi_ or _T. bataar_. As to what genus they belong to --
depends on whether you think _T. efremovi_ belongs to _Tarbosaurus_ or
_Tyrannosaurus_ and whether you think _T. bataar_ belongs to
_Tyrannosaurus, _Tarbosaurus_, or _Jenghizkhan_.

> Are there any names given to the vertebrae which has been called
> "Hadrosaurus indet." from Uzbekistan? 

Hadrosauridae indet., right? I don't have any named hadrosaurids from
Uzbekistan on my site, so, AFAIK, no.

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