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Re: mammals over dinosaurs in continuous sequence

On Wed, 14 Apr 1999, Mickey P. Rowe wrote:

> I suspect this is a long shot, but does anybody know of a single
> location that includes the K-T boundary and has Tertiary mammal
> fossils near Cretaceous dinosaur fossils?

Jepsen, G.L. 1931 Dinosaur Egg Shell Fragments From Montana.  Science

"While searching for more dinosaur teeth the collectors found a mammal
tooth.  This impelled an even more careful examination of the sandstone
and shale beds in the immediate vicinity because of the rareness of Lance
mammal remains."
"Several pieces of egg shell, none over an inch in length, were picked
from the surface of the shale close to the tooth and also down the slope
below it."

I don't know if the boundary is present in this locality (east of Red
Lodge, Montana--Dry Creek).

Also, the location (or presence) of the boundary is not mentioned in:

Demberelyin Dashzeveg et al (including Novacek Chiappe and Dingus) 1995
_Extraordinary preservation in a new vertebrate assemblage from the Late
Cretaceous of Mongolia Nature_  374:446-449

But dinos and mammals are found together in this diverse assemblage.

Inquiring, unworthy, minds want to know what prompts such a leading

Also, could you forward any off-list replies.
Much appreciated,
John Bois.