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Re: mammals over dinosaurs in continuous sequence

In a message dated 99-04-14 17:49:39 EDT, you write:

 Jepsen, G.L. 1931 Dinosaur Egg Shell Fragments From Montana.  Science
 "While searching for more dinosaur teeth the collectors found a mammal
 tooth.  This impelled an even more careful examination of the sandstone
 and shale beds in the immediate vicinity because of the rareness of Lance
 mammal remains."

  This is very odd. I'm not familiar with the time frames all that well, but 
Jepsen was also a rancher in the vicinity of Rapid City and was associated 
with the School of Mines there. He finished his career here in Princeton. In 
the proper places, especially the western drainages of the Black Hills in 
Wyoming the Lance is rather rich in Late Cretaceous mammal teeth. This is 
where J.B.Hatcher discovered the utility of anthills. Perhaps Jepsen is 
describing a lack of mammals in Hell Creek deposits in Montana? Dan Varner.