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Re: mammals over dinosaurs in continuous sequence

On Wed, 14 Apr 1999 Danvarner@aol.com wrote:

>   This is very odd. I'm not familiar with the time frames all that well, but 
> Jepsen was also a rancher in the vicinity of Rapid City and was associated 
> with the School of Mines there. He finished his career here in Princeton. In 
> the proper places, especially the western drainages of the Black Hills in 
> Wyoming the Lance is rather rich in Late Cretaceous mammal teeth. This is 
> where J.B.Hatcher discovered the utility of anthills. Perhaps Jepsen is 
> describing a lack of mammals in Hell Creek deposits in Montana? Dan Varner.

Then let me quote one more section: "Mr. E. J. Moles, a senior in the
Princeton dept. of Geology, and (I) spent the latter part of last summer
in the vicinity of Red Lodge, at the invitation of Dr. JCF Siegfriedt, in
a search for vertebrate fossils which might aid in determing the
stratigraphic elements and boundaries of the Local Fort Union formation."

he goes on to talk about the underlying Lance formation and shell
fragments "in the Dry Creek drainage..."

Say, do you suppose it would be possible to re-uncover that tooth at
Princeton (Jepson was there at the time)?