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Re: mammals over dinosaurs in continuous sequence

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 All these responses are very interesting, but the question being addressed 
 where in the world is there a K-T boundary sequence with dinosaur fossils 
 below the boundary and no dinosaur fossils, only mammals, above it. Whether 
 or not there are mammals along with the dinosaurs below the K-T boundary is 
 not important.

  I'm very sorry that my question doesn't pass Dinogeorge's test of 
importance. However, I am very interested in Glen Jepsen and his work. As a 
result, I am very curious about the fact he felt mammals were rare in the 
Lance when one of the best Late Cretaceous mammal localities was only 50+ 
miles from his ranch. This is important to me, if not to Dinogeorge.
  Also, if it's O.K., D.G., I would like to tell John Bois that the 
collections at Princeton were transfered to Yale several years ago.  
  If you want to see Tertiary mammals imbedded in Cretaceous sediments, try 
Paleocene Bug Creek localities in McCone County, Montana. Dinosaurs are also 
present but have most likely been reworked. So far, no articulated dinosaur 
skeletal segments have been recovered from Paleocene deposits that I know of. 
Dan Varner.