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Re: mammals over dinosaurs in continuous sequence

In a message dated 4/14/99 7:48:10 PM EST, Danvarner writes:

<< I'm very sorry that my question doesn't pass Dinogeorge's test of 
importance. However, I am very interested in Glen Jepsen and his work. As a 
result, I am very curious about the fact he felt mammals were rare in the 
Lance when one of the best Late Cretaceous mammal localities was only 50+ 
miles from his ranch. This is important to me, if not to Dinogeorge. >>

Perhaps I should have used the word "relevant" rather than "important." 
Sorry, my mistake. I was commenting on the >relevance< of the existence of 
mammals and dinosaurs below the K-T boundary to the question at hand, which 
was, Where in the world are there K-T boundary deposits that show dinosaurs 
below the K-T boundary but only mammals, no dinosaurs, above.