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Updated Stanely (was Re: )

At 06:41 PM 4/14/99 EDT, Dan Varner wrote:
>In a message dated 99-04-14 18:17:07 EDT, you write:
><< Can anyone reccomend a good introductory book or paper(s) for someone 
>trying to get a handle on the basic sequence stratigraphy of the western 
>interior seaway?
>  >>
>  Try Steven Stanley, _Earth and Life Through Time_, 1989, W.H.Freeman and 
>Co. Page 511+  As for Ichthyornis, good luck. You may want to contact Larry 
>Martin. Dan Varner.

Stanley's textbook has been greatly updated, and now is called:

Stanley, S.M.  1999.  Earth System History.  W.H. Freeman and Co.  615 pp.
It comes with an interactive CD-Rom, which has as one of its animations the
development of a Western Interior transgression-regression event.

However, none of the editions of Stanley actual have good *sequence*
stratigraphy for the Western Interior seaway.  I know there was a volume
(from the Geological Survey of Canada) a few years back with a LOT of papers
on the geology & paleo of the Western Interior Seaway (including papers by
Bakker and by Dale Russell): I don't have that volume, but could look it up.

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