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The reason for the posting (was Re: mammals over dinosaurs in continuous sequence)

At 09:31 PM 4/14/99 EDT, Dinogeorge wrote:
>In a message dated 4/14/99 7:48:10 PM EST, Danvarner writes:
><< I'm very sorry that my question doesn't pass Dinogeorge's test of 
>importance. However, I am very interested in Glen Jepsen and his work. As a 
>result, I am very curious about the fact he felt mammals were rare in the 
>Lance when one of the best Late Cretaceous mammal localities was only 50+ 
>miles from his ranch. This is important to me, if not to Dinogeorge. >>
>Perhaps I should have used the word "relevant" rather than "important." 
>Sorry, my mistake. I was commenting on the >relevance< of the existence of 
>mammals and dinosaurs below the K-T boundary to the question at hand, which 
>was, Where in the world are there K-T boundary deposits that show dinosaurs 
>below the K-T boundary but only mammals, no dinosaurs, above.

To support George in this, and to clarify things (because most members of
the list didn't see the beginnings of this thread, which occured off list):
The specific question being addressed (by Mickey Rowe on behalf of someone
else) was "where in the world can one go where there is continuous beds
where earliest Paleocene mammals directly overlie beds containing latest
Maastrichtian dinosaurs."  Many of the other bits brought up are
interesting, but not relevant to the question at hand.

The reason the list didn't get the whole original form of the question?
Well, let's just say it involves the "C"-word, and leave it at that (since
this is explicitly by charter NOT the forum to address that topic!!!).

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